Version 9 Released!

Announcement:  Version 9 of Premiere is now released!

The key features that were added with Version 9 are:
  • - Uses buttons instead of the right-mouse click menus
  • - Has a New logo and New look throughout the application
  • - Provides Context-sensitive help, accessible via the F1 key
  • - Has Disbursement Importing which allows importing of your third-party servicer disbursement entries directly into Premiere (call us for the specifications)
  • - New Enrollment Package feature allows you to quickly enter new students into enrollment status
  • - Current FISAP Annual Reports are ready
  • - Current IPEDS Fall and Winter Annual Reports are ready
  • - New Who/when audit information which shows when a record was added/changed and by whom
Additional features in Version 9:
  • - New System Listings including: Course, Labs, Tests, Schools and Financial Programs.
  • - New reports including: Category Breakdown, Student Contract Report and Status Comparison Report
  • - Withdraw editing which allows user to edit existing withdraw information
  • - Withdraw date change where the last date of attendance is now used as the withdraw date (with backward compatibility intact)
  • - R2T4 – Return to Title IV enhancements – now includes student payments in the formulas and the withdraw date change (see above)
  • - New Graduate Student Form which allows entry of all graduate post-information on one form
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Version 8 Released!!

Announcement:  Version 8 of Premiere is now released!

The key features that were added with Version 8 are:

  1. IPEDS Spring Reports
  2. ISIR Imports for 2012-2013
  3. Print Award Letters for Alumni

Enhancements for Version 8 are:

  1. Form position saving has been upgraded.  Now, forms are saved based on the user logged in, not the role of that user. 
  2. Added Student and Parents AGI and housing plans to the budget worksheet and ISIR forms.
  3. Expanded the Lab Services number required fields to accept 2 decimal places.

For current users with accounts in good standing, please contact support at 1-877-269-3843 to schedule your upgrade!

Stay tuned for a preview of new features coming in the next version!

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Welcome to Our Redesigned Webpage

We are pleased to welcome you to our new web page. It not only improves understanding of just what PREMIERE is but also makes it easier to make contact with us and have our on line demo shown to you. We will be adding items of current interest as we go along in an effort to keep you as up to date as possible.

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