Version 9 Released!

Announcement:  Version 9 of Premiere is now released!

The key features that were added with Version 9 are:
  • - Uses buttons instead of the right-mouse click menus
  • - Has a New logo and New look throughout the application
  • - Provides Context-sensitive help, accessible via the F1 key
  • - Has Disbursement Importing which allows importing of your third-party servicer disbursement entries directly into Premiere (call us for the specifications)
  • - New Enrollment Package feature allows you to quickly enter new students into enrollment status
  • - Current FISAP Annual Reports are ready
  • - Current IPEDS Fall and Winter Annual Reports are ready
  • - New Who/when audit information which shows when a record was added/changed and by whom
Additional features in Version 9:
  • - New System Listings including: Course, Labs, Tests, Schools and Financial Programs.
  • - New reports including: Category Breakdown, Student Contract Report and Status Comparison Report
  • - Withdraw editing which allows user to edit existing withdraw information
  • - Withdraw date change where the last date of attendance is now used as the withdraw date (with backward compatibility intact)
  • - R2T4 – Return to Title IV enhancements – now includes student payments in the formulas and the withdraw date change (see above)
  • - New Graduate Student Form which allows entry of all graduate post-information on one form
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