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Does Premiere support Windows Vista?

At this time, we do not support Microsoft Corporation’s Windows Vista as a supported operating system.

What sets Premiere apart from other school management systems?

The design is based on the latest version of software rather than having its roots in programs ten to twenty years old. It has internet capability with the database residing on the school computer rather than being stored in a center controlled by an outside source. Multiple campus schools can keep all data on a single database permitting both individual and composite reporting. It uses the right click capabilities of the mouse to make access much faster. Modifications and new releases are more quickly available throughout the year as required. Both purchase and annual maintenance are very cost effective. Training is available over the internet, the 800 number and at our location as part of annual maintenance. Training is available at your site for up to 2 days per year for only the travel costs incurred by our personnel. There are two bi-annual training sessions at selected nationwide locations with no conference fee. Security permits access only to those areas authorized according to an employees responsibilities.

What is the experience level of Premiere owners and staff?

There are over eighty years of combined experience in the private school sector that includes the corporate owners, designer, programmers and evaluators. The owners also own and operate seventeen schools in four states and are fully utilizing the system. The designer has designed two other systems over the past twenty five years as well as serving as consultant to private schools with regard to virtually every aspect of school operations. The system has undergone intensive testing to insure its integrity before being made available to schools outside those owned by the Corporate officers.

Can the system convert my current data into Premiere without repetitive data entry requirements?

Depending on the system you are currently utilizing, this capability is made available. Some systems can be converted without adding to the purchase price. Others may require special programming. Contact us for details.

Can I install the system myself?

This will depend on your computer skill. Frequently we can install the system over the internet as part of the purchase price. You can elect to send your computer to us for installation which is also part of the purchase price. We can provide installation on-site for travel expenses. Contact us for details.