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Premiere Biometric Time Clock identification technology can efficiently aid in:
  • Reducing “double” or “buddy-punching” amongst students and co-workers; allowing for more authentic and verifiable time and attendance processes.
  • Authenticate, identify and verify operational functions.
  • Effectively encrypt fingerprint or biometric data, reducing the chance of fraud.
  • Greater clock hour school and company proficiency and security; no lost or stolen passwords.
  • Eliminating manual payroll errors and reducing the time spent processing payroll.
  • Increasing student productivity and accountability.
  • Identifying where employee or student time clock abuse actually happens.
  • Automatic software updates at the end of each day, keeping your pertinent information fresh and current.
  • Better reporting functions to federal and state educational authorities.
This incredible biometric software provides the ultimate in tracking and identifying where time tracking problems may lie. The Premiere Biometric Time Clock is the latest of its kind, FBI-certified and used by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the management of government and security employees.

What’s more is that the Premiere Biometric Time Clock software eliminates the need for time cards for employees and improves clock hour school student productivity by replacing manual time sheets. Biometric time clocks will help the administration of your clock hour school or company with tracking hours, government reporting, cutting cost…all with 100% accuracy.

When your clock hour school or company implements this easy-to-use Premiere Biometric Time Clock as part of your time and attendance system, you will also have access to greater reporting features than ever before. Our software allows administrators to create a wide variety of pre-defined reports, allowing you to better understand student educational metrics, as well as where overhead costs lie in relation to your employee base!

Technology is moving at an incredible speed! It’s time for your clock hour school or company to catch up! Instill greater accountability throughout your employee base and your student body while helping your administration department stay at the forefront of time keeping processes. Contact us today to learn how your clock hour school or company can benefit through the effective use of the Premiere Biometric Time Clock and make your organization more efficient and profitable with the best in biometric time clocks and attendance systems.


Premiere Educational Systems
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Tempe, Arizona 85281

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• Are you worried your employees or clock hour school students are taking advantage of you via your organization’s time clock?
• Do you want to reduce time costs related to employee overhead while making sure clock hour school students have a viable option for tracking their study hours?