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  • Are you worried your employees or clock hour school students are taking advantage of you via your organization’s time clock?
  • Do you want to reduce time costs related to employee overhead while making sure clock hour school students have a viable option for tracking their study hours?
  • Are you looking for a time clock solution that is reliable and secure?
  • Do you want to eliminate the possibility of “buddy-punching” and timekeeping fraud?
Is it important for you to control your clock hour school’s administration, operations and spending functions or control your company’s overhead with a proven system that identifies each student and employee through their unique biological makeup?

Let’s face it. When your clock hour school or company’s time and attendance solution provides room for error or fraud, your organization loses money, students are not held accountable for program time requirements and employee payroll can become confusing. Whether you are having problems with employees or students “covering for each other” when they are tardy or missing or if your current time and attendance system is faulty or doesn’t retain information, you need a time clock and attendance system that allows no room for error.

Think that sounds like a tall order? Think again.

No two people’s fingerprints are alike and when your time clock or attendance system is based on unique biological makeup, not only will your company or clock hour school’s efficiencies improve, but you will also have a great solution when reporting to federal and state governments, whether it is on payroll costs or on your student’s educational accountability.

Premiere Biometric Time Clock Software is the answer to creating a conducive and cost-effective environment for any trade school that has hourly employees or requires students to log their time on campus. Through the use of our Premier Biometric Time Clock, your trade school will be able to accurately track the comings and goings of employees and students.


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